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The Foreigner - Japan 2004/11/04(Thu) 19:29 [amend/delete]

an online magazine on living, working and traveling in Japan featuring photo essays, a Japanese language course and much more.

Tokyo Journal 2000/10/28(Sat) 21:33 [amend/delete]

Tokyo Journal provides you with cultural and entertainment information of Tokyo area.

Tokyo Classified 2000/10/28(Sat) 21:25 [amend/delete]

Tokyo Classified is a weekly freepaper and web site made for Tokyo's international community by Crisscross Incorporated.

The Tokyo Weekender 2000/10/28(Sat) 21:22 [amend/delete]

The Tokyo Weekender serves the foreign community in Tokyo with community news, social events, entertainment, etc.

SUMO WORLD 2000/10/28(Sat) 21:10 [amend/delete]

SUMO WORLD is a magazine that introduces one of the Japanese traditional sports,Sumo.

J@pan Inc magazine 2000/10/28(Sat) 20:50 [amend/delete]

J@pan Inc magazine aims to be the best source of information on Japan's emerging New Economy.

NIPPONIA 2000/10/21(Sat) 20:43 [amend/delete]

A quarterly magazine which introduces modern Japan to people all over the world in various languages. Read English and Japanese versions online.