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Ebooksfire 2012/02/10(Fri) 15:32 [amend/delete]

Free ebooks of all type.

Selectividad preparation school 2009/03/04(Wed) 21:13 [amend/delete]

Selectividad preparation school in Madrid. Best quality best prices. Since 1996

McGill MBA Japan 2004/11/17(Wed) 14:22 [amend/delete]

McGill University stands at the forefront of international management education.

Temple University Japan 2004/11/17(Wed) 14:20 [amend/delete]

TUJ is the oldest and largest American and foreign university in Japan and offers Executive MBA programs.

Momoyama Gakuin University (St. Andrew's University) 2000/10/29(Sun) 13:32 [amend/delete]

Momoyama Gakuin University (St. Andrew's University) located in Izumi area, close to the Kansai International Airport.

HANNAN UNIVERSITY 2000/10/29(Sun) 13:25 [amend/delete]

HANNAN UNIVERSITY in Matsubara, Osaka.

Setsunan University 2000/10/29(Sun) 13:20 [amend/delete]

Setsunan University Official Web Site.

Kansai University 2000/10/29(Sun) 13:14 [amend/delete]

Information for international students including scholarships, dormitory, educational fees is available.

Kansai Gaidai University 2000/10/29(Sun) 13:12 [amend/delete]

A university of international studies. Asian Studies Programme for international students is available.

Osaka University 2000/10/29(Sun) 13:05 [amend/delete]

Very useful guide to Osaka University for international students is available.

Osaka City University 2000/10/29(Sun) 13:01 [amend/delete]

Osaka City University Official Web Site.

Osaka University of Commerce 2000/10/29(Sun) 12:57 [amend/delete]

Osaka University of Commerce is located in the Kansai Metropolitan area,which is an international business and industrial center of Japan.

Osaka International University 2000/10/29(Sun) 12:52 [amend/delete]

Osaka International University in Hirakata, Osaka.

Osaka Institute of Technology 2000/10/29(Sun) 12:34 [amend/delete]

Osaka Institute of Technology specializes in technology and information.

Osaka University Of Arts 2000/10/29(Sun) 12:29 [amend/delete]

Osaka University Of Arts Official Web Site. The best environment for learning arts.

Osaka University of Economics And Law 2000/10/29(Sun) 12:20 [amend/delete]

Osaka University of Economics And Law in Yao-city, Osaka. Entrance information for international students is available.

Osaka Kyoiku University 2000/10/29(Sun) 12:15 [amend/delete]

Osaka Kyoiku University is a national university of education.

Osaka Gakuin University 2000/10/29(Sun) 12:10 [amend/delete]

Osaka Gakuin University in Suita-shi,Osaka.

Osaka University of Foreign Studies 2000/10/29(Sun) 12:07 [amend/delete]

Japanese language courses available. One of the best university for international and language studies.

Otemon Gakuin University 2000/10/29(Sun) 11:54 [amend/delete]

Otemon Gakuin University in Ibaraki, Osaka Pref.