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MONEX 2004/11/17(Wed) 11:45 [amend/delete]

MONEX, in principle, discloses the same information to individual investors, institutional investors, and the media simultaneously.

Select Asset Management 2004/11/17(Wed) 11:37 [amend/delete]

Select Asset Management is a firm of independent financial advisors with high professional and ethical standards established to help both private and corporate clients organise and plan their affairs to achieve their financial and personal goals.

Konomi, Inc. 2004/11/17(Wed) 11:34 [amend/delete]

Konomi, Inc. is a Tokyo-based international investment-banking firm that since its foundation in 1983 has facilitated the flow of long-term capital into and out of Japan.

Techno-Venture Co., Ltd. 2004/11/17(Wed) 11:31 [amend/delete]

The Company's funds hold investments in over 100 technology-based companies and total in excess of 20 billion yen, making Techno-Venture Japan's largest independent venture capital company.

Japan Venture Partners 2004/11/17(Wed) 11:28 [amend/delete]

Japan Venture Partners provides more options and a time-tested strategy for clients seeking to be successful in Japan. Our focus on not only developing partnerships, but serving as Sales, Channel, or Country Manager for clients, has proven to be a better strategy for generating growing revenues in these markets.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation 2004/11/17(Wed) 11:21 [amend/delete]

Formed in 1990 through a merger of Mitsui Bank, Ltd and Taiyo Kobe Bank, Ltd and took its present name in 1992. In 1999, the bank had over 16,000 employees and over 500 offices in Japan and abroad. The bank announced plans to merge with Sumitomo Bank on April 1st, 2001 to form Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp, the third-largest bank in the world.

Daiwa Securities Group, Inc 2004/11/17(Wed) 11:08 [amend/delete]

The group consists of: Daiwa Securities Co, Ltd offering retail securities services to individual investors; Daiwa Securities SB Capital Markets Co, Ltd providing a variety of financial services for corporate customers; and other companies providing services in asset management and other securities-related businesses. Entered a strategic alliance with Sumitomo Bank in April 1999.

Aozora Bank 2004/11/15(Mon) 14:11 [amend/delete]

Aozora Bank

Mizuho Bank 2004/11/15(Mon) 11:28 [amend/delete]

Mizuho Bank

Sony Life Insurance 2000/10/20(Fri) 21:59 [amend/delete]

Sony Life Insurance Web Site.