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Information World 2012/12/27(Thu) 23:05 [amend/delete]

Information Around the World Unique and Interesting
about news and information world

Yubin Homepage 2004/11/16(Tue) 13:29 [amend/delete]

Postal Service

JapaneseLearning.com 2003/03/23(Sun) 03:22 [amend/delete]

Learn about the Japanese Language and Japanese Culture.

Japan Reference Page 2001/11/19(Mon) 05:49 [amend/delete]

Directory covering online resources related to Japan and Japanese culture; daily updated.

Kobe University Digital Library 2000/10/08(Sun) 22:57 [amend/delete]

Lots of materials including information about Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake.

HAGA LIBRARY 2000/09/30(Sat) 12:10 [amend/delete]

Introduction to Japanese festivals and festivals around the world.

Kyoto University Electronic Library 2000/09/20(Wed) 21:33 [amend/delete]

Image databases, catalogues from the Kyoto University Library rare collections and electronic texts available.