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Koto and Shamisen lessons in Japan 2011/08/30(Tue) 22:34 [amend/delete]

My studio is located at Saitama City near Tokyo, Japan.
I have Grandmaster license of Ikuta-ryu Koto and Samisen.
Koto and Samisen are major traditional Japanese instruments.
Lessons in English are available in my studio.

Beginner can take a trial lesson. Please ask me the term of trial lessons.

Afuso Ryu Genseikai 2000/10/22(Sun) 21:54 [amend/delete]

Information about one of the Okinawan traditional musics, Afuso Ryu.

Shinnai Home Page 2000/10/22(Sun) 21:51 [amend/delete]

Shinnai is the old Japanese music, just like Nagauta, Gidayu,etc. This pages have texts about some famous Shinnai, and other old Japanese music.

JAPO-NET 2000/10/22(Sun) 21:47 [amend/delete]

All about Japanese traditional music. Very useful information provided by Japan Victor Foundation for Promotion of Traditional Musics.

PRO MUSICA NIPPONIA OFFICIAL WEB SITE 2000/10/22(Sun) 21:41 [amend/delete]

PRO MUSICA NIPPONIA plays tradidonal pieces as well as contemporary works using Japanese traditional instruments.

Japanese music spread group 'En' 2000/10/22(Sun) 21:35 [amend/delete]

Information about traditional Japanese music, festivals, concerts, CDs, etc.

Hougaku Land 2000/10/22(Sun) 21:32 [amend/delete]

Traditional music collection of Japan. You can listen to some music pieces using RealAudio. Concert information and others.